Itt Van A Gummimaci (The Gummy Bear Song) – Full Hungarian Version

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  • Zuzka 16 years ago


  • thomas861 15 years ago

    Ajoj. Dajte sem aj slovak a ček vesiu. ťakujem.

  • 15 years ago

    omg he is so cool i like it awsome!

  • 15 years ago


  • darthoz 15 years ago

    LOL, this is cool. Aloha from Hawaii. USA.

    darthoz [-o-]

  • macky moo 15 years ago

    why can’t you sing in russian,gummibar? I know all of your languagas! Itt van a gummimaci,e sou urinsho gummi,osito gumminola,je’maplle funnybar, yo soy to gumminola,i’m a gummibar,jag ar en gummibjorn,oh i’m a gummibar,(hebrews…) tom suis gummibar, (language:i really don’t know!) and,ich bein den gummibar! (am i missing any?…no,seriously;am i?) oh by yhe way….. you rock!!!!!!!!wonder why you dance, and get a great workout,and your still jiggly. i mean, your dance in your underware!!#sigh#oh well,.Gummibars will be gummibars…your biggest fan,macky moo.!!

  • johoim 14 years ago

    i luv dis version!!!

  • molecat 14 years ago

    I love it you should have canadian that would sound awesome and italian dutch and russian

  • gemmygem 13 years ago

    no idea what his saying but its brilliant.

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