Pack Extra with the Gummibär School Supply Pack for Back to School!


Recently I have been sharing with you some SUPER back to school deals that the Gummy Bear Shop has had in the past month and a half! Today I want to share with you guys why you should get this week’s Gummibär Back to School Deal: the Gummibär School Supply Pack!

The Gummibär School Supply Pack comes with a Gummibär Notebook, six Gummibär pencils and six Gummibär pens. Purchasing this bundle means one extra notebook you can use for your classes!

Most importantly, you get SIX PENCILS AND SIX PENS! It is so easy to run out of school utensils, but this supply pack has you covered for back to school! You won’t have to ask your classmate for extra.

Normally priced at $9.99, the Gummibär School Supply Pack is just $7.99! Get it NOW in the Gummy Bear Shop here!!!

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