Enter the Third Annual Gummibär Trick or Treat Giveaway!

We may have just ended the Gummibär Halloween Giveaway, but another has JUST BEGUN! Today, we will begin taking entries for the Third Annual Gummibär Trick or Treat Giveaway!


This year’s Trick or Treat Giveaway includes:

16” Jumbo Plush Toy
Key Chain Plush Toy
Gummibär Hat
Gummibär Drawstring Bag
Party Pop CD
La La CD
I Am A Gummy Bear CD
I Am A Gummy Bear DVD
Gummibär Reusable Bag
2 Gummibär Sour Candy
Gummibär USB Flash Drive
Gummibär Pen
Gummibär Pencil
Gummibär Button Set
Gummibär Sticker Set
Halloween Candy
Halloween Trick or Treat Bag

The total prize value of this awesome prize is worth over $100!

Here’s how to enter:
1. Be a subscriber to the Gummibär newsletter. If you’re not already a subscriber, you can do that here – http://www.thegummybear.com/newsletter

2. Post a comment below this post that answers the question -> “What is the WORST Halloween treat you’ve ever received while Trick Or Treating?” (Make sure you leave a comment using the same email address that you are subscribed to the newsletter with).

Giveaway ends at 3:00 pm Eastern Time on Monday, October 17th 2016.

One lucky random winner will be chosen within 48 hours of the end of the giveaway and notified via email. The prize package will be shipped out to the winner within 2 business days of receiving their shipping address.

Good luck!


  • Terry Stevens 5 years ago

    The worst ever was a piece of dog doo.

  • darci paice 5 years ago

    expired mcdonalds halloween coupons from the year before

  • Ronda 5 years ago

    I would have to say raisins would have been the worst treat

  • James Craver 5 years ago

    A popcorn ball with avocado dip in the middle of it. Ugh!

  • Tina B 5 years ago

    An opened lollipop :(

  • Michelle 5 years ago

    My son loves the Gummi bar show

  • Jessica Bleasdale 5 years ago

    A brochure

  • Marty Crosson 5 years ago

    I never got anything truly horrid like the dog poo person. The worst I ever got was healthy carob treats from the hippie parents.

  • Vicki Wurgler 5 years ago

    pencils was the worst-it has to be candy

  • ABRAHAM 5 years ago

    i love it

  • shanahb 5 years ago

    floss was the worst Halloween candy ever

  • Erica 5 years ago

    Circus peanuts or Mary Janes lol

  • Yadira 5 years ago

    Black licorice

  • Donna Teller 5 years ago

    Probably the penny we used to get from the same house every year.

  • Stephanie LaPlante 5 years ago

    I would say a toothbrush. What kid wants a toothbrush on Halloween?!

  • wen budro 5 years ago

    The worst Halloween candy that I ever received was an old plain apple and a toothbrush. I appreciate the intention but I was all about the sugar.

  • wen budro 5 years ago

    I am an email subscriber.

  • Judy Hunting 5 years ago

    The worst Halloween treat is raisins

  • Jessica Whitehouse 5 years ago

    I think raisins, pennies, and single-serve sugar packets top the list of bad treats that I have pulled from the kids’ bags.

  • Natalie 4 years ago

    moldy fruit! If fruit was bad enough when your a kid it was bruised and moldy, GROSS!

  • Dee 4 years ago

    The worst Halloween treat I have ever received was a smushed box of raisins.

  • Rhonda Greig 4 years ago

    The worse Halloween treat I got was canned pop! It’s heavy and slows you down…lol.

  • Maggie 4 years ago

    A bag of stale animal crackers

  • angela eagle 4 years ago

    gotta say its the expired McDonald’s coupons

  • Fiona webster 4 years ago

    A bag of candy with a squashed orange. The juice went over everything and everything was ruined

  • Dora Speck 4 years ago

    I wouldn’t say the worst treat, but I did get extra bars I really wasn’t too crazy about. I’d prefer gummy candies and sours the most! So if anyone gave me sour skittles, keys, soda pops, sugar covered gummy bears, sour berries, Peanut butter Reesie cups, Caramell candy apples, marshmallows, lollypops with gum in the middle, liquorice and Purdys chocolate.
    No nutty bars, granola bars etc for me! If you just give me the above stated, I will love you forever!

  • Maryanne 4 years ago

    Homemade popcorn balls

  • Grant D 4 years ago

    I got an orange once, just an orange

  • Jeanette Jackson 4 years ago

    The worst treat I received was a really badly bruised apple

  • jeani b 4 years ago

    a pencil. it’s like when charlie brown says, “i got a rock” again and again… blah.

  • Annmarie W. 4 years ago

    The worst ‘treat’ is those little yellow-wrapper Mary Janes! YUCK!!

  • Sarah Gillespie 4 years ago

    The worst treat I ever got was a toothbrush. I’d have gummy bears ;)

  • jenny stratton 4 years ago

    The worst Halloween treat I ever received was religious brochures.

  • Justin R 4 years ago

    It was a penny taped to a quote that read…”if you don’t respect a penny you dont deserve a dollar” which as an adult I respect but as a kid I was so unhappy.

  • Loribeth Hayter 4 years ago

    An old lady in our village would give out beef bullion cubes

  • David Stuttard 4 years ago

    An apple is the worst trick or treat gift I have been given.

  • LeAnn Harbert 4 years ago

    The worst was a popcorn ball.

  • Kelly D 4 years ago

    The worst things they could ever give me is mayo and wrappers you gummy bear

  • Kelly D 4 years ago

    The worst things they could ever give me is mayo and wrappers

  • Kelly D 4 years ago

    U are the best

  • BILLIE BEAL 4 years ago

    omg those ones that are rapped in the orange and black those are the worst

  • Travis Jackson 4 years ago

    For me personally it had to a little box of Sunmaid raisins that had been expired for years and it was just a big clump of like a sugar rock inside the box. Poor little old woman I guess wanted to give something..Bless her heart!

  • Caryn Coates 4 years ago

    The worst would have to be a can of Root Beer with a hole in it

  • Serenity Weygandt 4 years ago

    The worst candy I have ever gotten were Necco Wafers. They are the worst candy because they taste like gross, chalky medicine.

  • Ashley Heaps 4 years ago

    Black licorice.. YUCK!

  • Dana 4 years ago

    Brown apples

  • Taryn T 4 years ago

    wow! I can’t believe some of the things people have gotten. I can’t actually remember a bad treat that I have gotten, or that the kids have gotten.

  • Robert Danchilla 4 years ago

    Worst would be candy corn

  • Anita Duvall 4 years ago

    I would have to say that it was a very wormy apple from a little old lady down the street.

  • Kelley Roach 4 years ago

    pencils was the worst-it has to be candy

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