10 Reasons Why You Should Be Gummibär for Halloween!

Halloween is only 18 DAYS AWAY! Have you figured out your Halloween costume yet?! If you’re not sure what to be for Halloween, here are ten reasons why you should be me, Gummibär, for Halloween!!!


1. It’s a unique costume!

While tons of kids will be dressing up as a superhero, princess, or in any other cool Halloween costumes, you’ll be an awesome singing and dancing green gummy bear! Our costumes are only available online and in certain stores, so the likelihood that there will be a copycat is very small!

2. Gummibär costumes are super comfy!

Just wait until you put one on for the first time! These costumes are super soft and feel great to wear.


3. These costumes keep you warm!

Gummibär costumes are made with just the right amount of fur to keep you warm when the sun goes down on Halloween!

4. Easy costume to move around in

These Gummibär costumes are just roomy enough to allow for walking, running, dancing and playing! The feet are also open so that you can wear your favorite comfy shoes.


5. Be the life of the party!

Gummy bears are natural party animals!!! You’ll be the life of the party with your

6. Easy to see in costume

Good news! You won’t need a mask of any sort to cover your face- just a hood with muh BIG OLD FACE ON TOP! It’ll be so easy to see while you’re walking around at night!


7. Putting on and taking off costume is HASSLE FREE!

The whole costume is just ONE PIECE! It’s a onesie that you just zipper up in the front. No need to layer costume pieces. Piece of cake!

8. It’s bright and colorful!

This costume is made with the most vibrant colors! True to my natural colors!


9. Simple to wash!

To wash these costumes, all you have to do is wash them in cold water and then hang them to dry! How easy is that?!

10. Still fun to wear after Halloween

Wear your Gummibär costume around the house during playtime! Why not for dinner?! Even birthdays! JUUUST don’t wear them as pajamas for sleep. My merchandise team says they’re not meant to be worn as pajamas, so heed their word just in case!!!


Are ya excited to be a singing and dancing gummy bear for Halloween?! Just head over to the Gummibär Shop now and purchase your costume here!

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