Around the World with Gummibär: Stockholm Palace in Sweden!

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First day of sightseeing in Sweden for Around the World with Gummibär! Here I am at Stockholm Palace in Stockholm, Sweden. What a magnificent palace!

Stockholm Palace is The King of Sweden’s official residence and is also the setting for most of the monarchy’s official receptions. Stockholm Palace is a daily place of work for The King and Queen as well as for the various departments that make up the Royal Court. This combination of royal residence, workplace and culture-historical monument open year round to visitors makes the Royal Palace of Stockholm unique amongst Europe’s royal residences. The palace is built in baroque style by the architect Nicodemus Tessin and is formed as a Roman palace. The palace has more than 600 rooms and seven floors, with an apartment facing the city and smaller living rooms facing the inner courtyard. In addition to the Royal Apartments there are three museums steeped in regal history: the Treasury with the regalia, the Tre Kronor Museum that portrays the palaces medieval history and Gustav III’s Museum of Antiquities. Click here to read more!

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