Around the World with Gummibär: Dolphin Reef in Israel!

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GOLO GOLO! Watching dolphins swim today!!! Being in Israel for Around the World with Gummibär has been so FANTASTIC! This is me at Dolphin Reef!

The Dolphin Reef in Eilat, on the shores of the Red Sea, offers a magical and unique opportunity to observe and swim alongside some of nature’s most magnificent sea creatures- dolphins!  Dolphin Reef is home to a colorful array of tropical fish, beautiful coral and, most significantly, a school of bottlenose dolphins. Baby dolphins are also born on the site and cared for.  Dolphin Reef was established over twenty years ago with the vision of bringing humans closer to animals in a way that was respectful of dolphins and non-intrusive.  The dolphins are not kept captive; rather, they live in their natural habitat and have free access to the open sea should they choose to leave.  Human intervention in their lifestyle is minimized solely to the prevention of endangerment to their existence. Also on site at the Dolphin Reef are swimming pools, a restaurant and beach bar, an art & crafts Creativity Corner and an auditorium where guests can watch movies about the resident dolphins. Click here to learn more!

Watch the new HD Hebrew Version of “The Gummy Bear Song” on YouTube!

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