new gummy bear plush toy review by baby not included blog

New Gummy Bear Plush Toy Review by Baby Not Included

new gummy bear plush toy review by baby not included blog

New Gummy Bear Plush Toy by Posh Paws gets a raving review from Baby Not Included Blog

UK-based family blog Baby Not Included recently reviewed the NEW Gummy Bear Plush Toy by Posh Paws!  The brand new singing Gummibär Gummy Bear Plush is currently available for purchase in the UK.  Lisa, founder of Baby Not Included, shared her and her kids’ thoughts on the singing plush toy in a brand new blog post.

Not only has it won over her daughter Isabelle, but it has also captivated her four month old Freddie:

By pressing the bears hand, it sings the Gummy Bear tune which we’ve been singing and dancing to for the last few days. It also captured the attention of four month old Freddie who seems to favour the left ear to chew on. I think they might have to timeshare the bear (Freddie during the day when Isabelle’s at school).

Isabelle with her new gummy bear plush toy

Want to learn more? Read the full review of the new Gummibär Singing Plush at Baby Not Included!

Do you live in the UK? You can currently purchase the new Posh Paws Gummibär Plush Toy here

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