Gummibär and Friends appear in a Children’s Day special on CCTV in China!

Gummibär and his friends, Harry and Kala, appeared on CCTV to celebrate International Children’s Day!

June 1st is regarded as International Children’s Day for a wide variety of countries across the globe, including China! There, Harry, Kala, and I appeared in an International Children’s Day special on CCTV in China! Wowzie! This special is one of the biggest galas televised on CCTV throughout the year, Kala, Harry, and I were so happy to help celebrate International Children’s Day with all of our friends in China.

We hope everyone had a wonderful time celebrating Children’s Day this year—we can’t wait to make it even better next year!


Wishing you a Happy International Children’s Day from Gummibär and Friends!

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