Let’s Play the Piano to my BRAND NEW SONG “My Piano”!

Follow the piano key road and join me for a GUMMIRRIFIC adventure!

My brand new song “My Piano” is OUT! Check out my super silly video with friendly sunflowers, sharks, and other dancing critters!

You can find this song on my upcoming album, “The Gummy Bear Album”, which is out TOMORROW, NOVEMBER 13TH!! I’m SO excited for you to listen to my new album everywhere you listen to music—including Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and Amazon!! You can FINALLY stream my songs, “I Am Bear”, “Tiki Tiki Taka”, “Dame La Gomita”, “Gummy Shark” and SO MANY MORE!!

There’s still time to PRE-ORDER the album on Amazon (bit.ly/GUMMYBEARALBUMAMZ), iTunes (bit.ly/GUMMYBEARALBUMAP Google Play (bit.ly/GUMMYBEARALBUMGP), and Barnes and Noble (bit.ly/GUMMYBEARALBUMBN) too!!

Let me know how much you love the song!!

Lots of love,

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