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Gummy Bear Thumbprint Cookies by Food, Folks and Fun!

Gummy Bear Thumbprint Cookies are the perfect treat for the holidays! Here’s how to make Gummy Bear Thumbprint Cookies by Food, Folks and Fun! In need of a new cookie recipe for the holidays?! Every year people love to bake tons of treats for holiday dessert! One super yummy gummy popular cookie that people make […]

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Check out our favorite fan-made Gummibär art!

We go CRAZY for your Gummibär art! Or should we say… GummibÄRT! Here are some of our favorite artistic creations this week! 1– Gummibär Cookies by @cebotaridiana82! How amazing are these cookies?!? Want to try to make them youself? Check out our Gummibär cookie cutters here!     2– Gummibär Clay Sculptures by @tortiki_s_dushoy_! Sooo cool. Love the detail! […]

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Gummibar Cookies The Gummy Bear Song

YUM! Frosted Gummibär Cookies!

Do you like cookies?!? Instagram user @cjscookieco creates super detailed and colorful treats for all kinds of occasions! This was for a Gummibär fan’s birthday! Take a glimpse at these super gummy Gummibär cookies below: What kind of cookie is your favorite?! Let me know in the comments! Would love to hear! No Gummibär birthday […]

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Anybody want a snack?

Gummibär’s got you covered!

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Yummy Gummibär Cookies!

Look at what Cynthia Spriggs posted on my Facebook page! Yummy Gummibär cookies! Aren’t they luuuuuuvly? Have you liked my page yet? You can find it at I’ll see you there!

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