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The Gummy Bear Show Episode 2 is Here!

After two weeks of waiting, the new episode of The Gummy Bear Show is here! Watch as a visit to Gummibär’s neighbor to borrow some flour brings home an unwanted guest and another crazy adventure! Watch “Hamster in the House” on YouTube below: Let us know what you think of this week’s episode! Be sure to follow […]

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VidCon Day 1 with Gummibar

Gummibär at VidCon 2015: New Friends!

VidCon was so much fun! Look at who stopped by booth #1023!!! Dangling gummy bears in front of @imagummybear because I'm evil and weird pic.twitter.com/Xsz9gNOKyT — Wade Barnes (@LordMinion777) July 23, 2015 YouTuber Wade Barnes known for vlogging about video game reviews was being real silly so I decided to have some fun too. https://instagram.com/p/5fTWmmwOi3/ Check out […]

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Gummibar Vidcon Bag

FREE TOTEBAGS at the Gummibar VidCon 2015 Booth!!!

VidCon has officially begun!!! Don’t forget to hurry over to booth #1023 where the first 500 people to stop by receive FREE TOTE BAGS filled with Gummibär goodies!   Make sure to tag your pictures at the Gummibär booth with #imagummybear so that I can repost them!!!

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