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How you learn other languages, explained by pie chart!

Lets be real, how you learn other languages BEST is the one in blue… So many Gummibär fans have enjoyed learning new languages with ‘Around the World with Gummibär’! Which languages have you enjoyed learning how to sing in?!? The newest mystery language will be shared TOMORROW!!! What language do you think it is?! Watch […]

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Speaks in a foreign language- OTHER PERSON UNDERSTANDS

Perks of learning how to sing in a foreign language every week! When you speak in a foreign language to someone- and they UNDERSTAND YOU?! Best feeling! The newest mystery language will be revealed TODAY!!! What language do you think it is?! Watch the newest ‘Around the World with Gummibär’ language video on YouTube:   […]

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LEARN ALL THE LANGUAGES! Mystery language reveal later today!

Knowing how to speak other languages is an invaluable skill to have! What language(s) can you speak? All year we have been uploading “The Gummy Bear Song HD” in many different languages, so be sure to always tune in to the official Gummibär YouTube channel for more languages each week! Follow the Gummibär socials:  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram […]

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