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Birthday Fun with Gummibär And Friends: The Gummy Bear Show!

IT’S PARTY TIME! Get ready for some BIRTHDAY FUN with The Gummy Bear Show! Here’s a special request made by YouTube subscriber Aidan Lane for a fun-filled Gummy Bear Show episode compilation! “Birthday Fun” is available on the official Gummibär YouTube Channel now: This episode compilation features the episodes “Happy Maroon Day”, “Snoring” and “The […]

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MONSTER MASH 2017 halloween songs kids music childrens song gummy bear song i am a gummybear gummibar and friends gummybear international animated animation web series

It’s Time to “Monster Mash” with The Gummy Bear Show!

“MONSTER MASH” with The Gummy Bear Show this Halloween! New music video available now It’s time to do the “Monster Mash”! Are you feeling the Halloween spirit?! Ready to party all weekend?! Get super-duper excited for Halloween with a NEW Gummy Bear Show-edition music video for one of the greatest Halloween hits of all time! […]

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Cute Animals Star In A New Gummy Bear Show Episode Compilation!

Love cute animals?! You’ll love the new Gummy Bear Show Episode Compilation! HOORAY! A new Gummy Bear Show episode compilation starring the most adorable, loveable animals from season one of Gummibär And Friends! Watch “Cute Animals”, the new Gummy Bear Show Episode Compilation on YouTube:   Follow the Gummibär socials:  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram … In honor of […]

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gummy bear show falling ill sick episdoe compilation gummibar and friends gummybear show youtube youtuber animated animation kids cartoon show web series

Feeling Sick? New Gummy Bear Show Episode Compilation to Cheer You Up!

Gummy Bear Show Episode Compilation of Wacky Health Mishaps! A brand new Gummibär And Friends: The Gummy Bear Show video is here! Enjoy a brand new episode compilation all about what happens when Gummibär and his friends run into some health mishaps- everything from the hiccups to the common cold! “Falling Ill” Episode Compilation now […]

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“Gummy Bear Song” Chalkboard Art by Adorable Gummibär Fan!

“The Gummy Bear Song” has kids singing, dancing- and spelling, too! Posted by Instagram user Zoe (@zoepercontra), here is her adorable son Max pictured next to his very own chalkboard drawing! What could it be? Looks like Max wanted mom to look up “The Gummy Bear Song” on YouTube, so he spelled it out […]

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alec baldwin gummy bear show the gummy bear show i am a gummybear gummibar gummybear animated animation youtube youtuber kids cartoon web series hilaria balwin

Alec Baldwin and Family Watching The Gummy Bear Show!

You won’t believe who watches your favorite singing and dancing gummy bear on YouTube too! Did you know Alec Baldwin watches The Gummy Bear Show?! What a surprise! That gummy bear…. #Baldwinitos A post shared by Hilaria Thomas Baldwin (@hilariabaldwin) on Aug 5, 2017 at 4:28pm PDT Alec Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria Baldwin, shared a fun […]

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Stream Kids Songs from The Gummy Bear Show!

Gummy Bear Show Kids Songs NONSTOP! Kids songs from The Gummy Bear Show episodes 31-39 are now available! Enjoy the newest medley of Gummy Bear Show: Season one songs on YouTube! Watch a new song medley of the Fourth 6 Songs from The Gummy Bear Show on YouTube below:   This concludes our series of […]

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Count The Fidget Spinners! Here’s The Fidget Spinner Giveaway Answer

Count the Fidget Spinners along with Gummibär and Friends! Fidget spinners galore! Our Gummy Bear Show Mania Fidget Spinner Giveaway has ended. We received a lot of entries for this giveaway, which kicked off the launch of our brand new YouTube channel: Gummy Bear Show Mania! Wanna find out if you counted the correct number […]

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Gummibär Pranks Kala And Harry – Gummy Bear Show MANIA

Watch this FUN Gummy Bear Show video! How silly is Gummibär?! This is what happens when Gummibär pranks his friends Kala and Harry: What’s your favorite moment in the first episode of The Gummy Bear Show? Follow The Gummy Bear Show on social media:  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram … In honor of the 10th […]

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Fidget Spinner Giveaway

Count The Fidget Spinners Giveaway! It’s Gummy Bear Show Mania!

Hey friends! We’re celebrating the launch of a brand new YouTube channel called Gummy Bear Show Mania! It will feature all of the episodes of Gummibär’s animated web series Gummibär and Friends: The Gummy Bear Show in silly, fun, and random ways like you have never seen them before. To kick things off, the debut […]

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