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Gummibär’s debut CD – “I Am Your Gummy Bear” will be available in stores and online on November 13th.  Please visit the Music page to view the full track listing and to listen to MP3 audio clips.  You can also now pre-order your copy of the CD on that page.  The CD is also now available for pre-order online at 

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  • tete te 16 years ago

    E-mail me!!! my E-mail is

  • safeer4 14 years ago

    very very brautiful I have no words to describe to it, i love u gummy bear

  • noor-ul-ain fatima 14 years ago

    i have listened gummybears song in different version,i enjoyed it so much, u r realy very lucky funny gummybear.

  • Laiba Eman 14 years ago

    i m a laiba eman i m a liba eman i a lucky funny gummy bear, wow!i love u gummy bear

  • Bilal 14 years ago

    hi gummy bear u r very funny and pretty gummy bear,i love u so much.

  • eric 14 years ago

    have you released an english version of the album, i would like to get an english version but have not been able to find anywear to get one

  • taggleon 13 years ago


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