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Jello with Gummy Bears! Learn How to Make Now

Jello with Gummy Bears?! If you love both, this recipe is for you! HEY GUYS!!! GUMMY HERE! Just had to share this super colorful gummy bear jello recipe I found that was posted by Tastemade! Tastemade is a great site for awesome and easy recipes, usually posted with a how-to video with instructions! Cooking can […]

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“Gummy Bear Song” Chalkboard Art by Adorable Gummibär Fan!

“The Gummy Bear Song” has kids singing, dancing- and spelling, too! Posted by Instagram user Zoe (@zoepercontra), here is her adorable son Max pictured next to his very own chalkboard drawing! What could it be? Looks like Max wanted mom to look up “The Gummy Bear Song” on YouTube, so he spelled it out […]

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A Summer Kids Birthday Party with a Gummy Twist!

Here’s one way you can decorate a summer kids birthday party – with a special Gummibär twist! Instagram user Lidy (@lidy.carvalhomarques) posted photos from her Gummibär-themed summer kids birthday party! Click through the photo album on the Instagram post below to check out the summer kids birthday party decorations! Which decoration or party favor in […]

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Music Monday: Fourth 6 Songs from The Gummy Bear Show!

Wanna know the BEST music to kick off Music Monday with?! Music Monday is just SO much better with music from The Gummy Bear Show! Have you seen the newest medley of Gummy Bear Show songs on YouTube?! Watch a new song medley of the Fourth 6 Songs from The Gummy Bear Show on YouTube […]

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Count The Fidget Spinners! Here’s The Fidget Spinner Giveaway Answer

Count the Fidget Spinners along with Gummibär and Friends! Fidget spinners galore! Our Gummy Bear Show Mania Fidget Spinner Giveaway has ended. We received a lot of entries for this giveaway, which kicked off the launch of our brand new YouTube channel: Gummy Bear Show Mania! Wanna find out if you counted the correct number […]

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Gummy Bear Bratwurst: The WEIRDEST Food Trend?!

Gummy Bear Bratwurst might be the most STRANGE food phenomenon: WOULD YOU TRY IT? Grundhofer’s Old-Fashion Meats in Hugo is known for having over 100 unique flavors of bratwurst. However, none of them could be WEIRDER than… GUMMY BEAR BRATWURST?! The candy-filled bratwurst idea was originally a dare, but owner Spencer Grundhofer managed to pull it […]

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Gummy Bear Show Mania! Gummibär And Friends React To Granny Peters’ Green Donuts

Follow The Gummy Bear Show on social media:  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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Gummibär Pranks Kala And Harry – Gummy Bear Show MANIA

Watch this FUN Gummy Bear Show video! How silly is Gummibär?! This is what happens when Gummibär pranks his friends Kala and Harry: What’s your favorite moment in the first episode of The Gummy Bear Show? Follow The Gummy Bear Show on social media:  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram … In honor of the 10th […]

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The Gummy Bear Chew Toy Your Puppy NEEDS!

Find out where you can get a gummy bear chew toy your favorite doggo or pupper can enjoy! Did you know you can get gummy bears for your dog? But not just any gummy bear… it’s a gummy bear chew toy! Get your favorite canine friend a fun chew toy inspired by gummy bears! Who […]

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Fourth of July Dessert Idea: Gummibär Fruit Cake!

Make your Fourth of July celebration a Yummy Gummy one! Need dessert ideas for your Fourth of July barbeque? Here’s a Gummibär fruit cake that Lana Kupriyanova made, shared on her Instagram @sweetlanacake! #gummybear #торты_на_заказ #архипо_осиповка #SweetLanaCake #медовыекоржи #сметаныйкрем #ягоды #клубника #малина #голубика вес 2,5 A post shared by Lana Kupriyanova (@sweetlanacake) on Jun 19, […]

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