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These Gummibär Kids Birthday Bundles Are the PERFECT Gift!

Kids Birthday Bundles are packed with Gummibär fun and LOTS of value! Brand new kids birthday bundles now available to give as gifts to your favorite Gummibär fan! Wish your favorite Gummibär fans a “Happy Birthday” this year with prepacked Gummibär (The Gummy Bear) Kids Birthday Mug Bundles! This gift includes… Gummy Bear & Friends Shows Mug […]

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national ice cream day gummy bear song gummibar i am a gummy bear the gummy bear song gummybear international

HAPPY NATIONAL ICE CREAM DAY! What’s your favorite flavor?!

IT’S NATIONAL ICE CREAM DAY! On National Ice Cream Day, I’m happy to celebrate the most yummy gummy summer treat!!! It’s my FAVE! Since I was a young gummy bear I always loved getting a HUUUUGE ice cream cone 🍦 My FAVORITE ice cream flavor is COOKIE DOUGH! What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?!? Share yours […]

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happy birthday 2nd birthday gummy bear show gummibar and friends kids cartoon show childrens animated web series youtube youtuber youtube red ima gummybear the gummy bear song


TWO YEARS OF GUMMIBÄR AND FRIENDS: THE GUMMY BEAR SHOW! We’re so excited to celebrate the anniversary of the best cartoon show EVER!!! Today, Tuesday, June 26th, 2018 marks TWO YEARS since the premiere of Gummibär and Friends: The Gummy Bear Show! via GIPHY Gummibär And Friends: The Gummy Bear Show first premiered in June […]

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It’s World Music Day! Here’s where you can stream “The Gummy Bear Song” and MORE!

HAPPY WORLD MUSIC DAY! It’s World Music Day! Today, Thursday June 21st, we come together and celebrate one of the most MAGICAL things that connect people (and gummy bears) all over the world… MUSIC! Did you know that ALL of my music is available RIGHT NOW for streaming?! I’ll tell you where you can listen […]

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gummy bear art gummy bear song gummibar

You gotta see this AMAZING GUMMY BEAR ART by @hmigd_!

Wowzie woozie, this is some AMAZING GUMMY BEAR ART! This was posted by @hmigd_ on Twitter!!! SO many LAUGH OUT LOUD poses and super cute stuff in this drawing!!! I LOVE IT! The artist has a sticker shop that you can support by visiting here: Do you like to draw?! If you post any […]

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fifa world cup 2018 gummy bear song go for the goal gummibar gummybear international

FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 IS HERE! Go For The Goal!

TIME FOR FIFA WORLD CUP 2018!!! GOLO GOLO GO FOR THE GOAL! It’s time for FIFA World Cup 2018! The international sports event for football (called soccer in America!) begins today, Thursday June 14th and continues until Sunday, July 15th! This year’s FIFA World Cup will be hosted in Russia, at the Luzhniki Stadium in […]

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MISSION GUMMY Gummy bear show gummy bear song gummibar i am a gummy bear gummybear international kids show full episodes childrens cartoon animated animation cute funny adorable

MISSION GUMMY is ON! NEW Gummy Bear Show Compilation

MISSION GUMMY TIME! Watch Gummy take on his greatest missions yet There’s a new Gummy Bear Show episode compilation! You can now watch a fun batch of Gummibär and Friends episodes featuring Gummy taking on his GREATEST foes in three EPIC episodes of The Gummy Bear Show! Whether it’s a pesky fly, a sneaky friend […]

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go for the goal gummy bear song extravaganza

GO FOR THE GOAL Song Extravaganza Available Now!

GO FOR THE GOAL Song Compilation! ALL Language Videos Go For The Goal Song Compilation now on YouTube! GOLO GOLO! Friday puts me in a dancing mood! We’ve uploaded a BRAND NEW VIDEO to the official Gummibär YouTube channel!!! Do you love the song “Go For The Goal”? Well, to kick off another SUPER GUMMY […]

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bubble up all languages gummy bear song i am a gummybear international gummibar

NEW “Bubble Up” Song Compilation! ALL Language Videos

Bubble Up Song Compilation now on YouTube! HAPPY FRIDAY! There’s a brand new video on the official Gummibär YouTube channel! We are so excited to share that there’s now a compilation of EVERY LANGUAGE VERSION OF “BUBBLE UP” (so far) now available! This new song compilation includes every language version of “Bubble Up” including English, […]

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happy mother's day 2018 gummy bear song i am a gummybear gummibar

Happy Mother’s Day! 💐

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