#NationalTechiesDay! Shoutout to our favorite techies on The Gummy Bear Show

It’s National Techie Day! Here’s some of the COOLEST inventions and the smartest TECHIES on The Gummy Bear Show! October 3rd is National Techies Day! You already know two of the smartest techies- my pals Harry and Granny Peters from The Gummy Bear Show! Harry the Chameleon loves all things science. He enjoys reading about […]

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foreign language gummy bear song i am a gummybear international gummibar the gummy bear show gummibär and friends ima gummi bear animated animation kids cartoon childrens web show series

Speaks in a foreign language- OTHER PERSON UNDERSTANDS

Perks of learning how to sing in a foreign language every week! When you speak in a foreign language to someone- and they UNDERSTAND YOU?! Best feeling! The newest mystery language will be revealed TODAY!!! What language do you think it is?! Watch the newest ‘Around the World with Gummibär’ language video on YouTube:   […]

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flash friday freebie button set gummibar the gummy bear song

Did you catch today’s Flash Friday Freebie?!

Another Flash Friday Freebie has come and gone- were you one of the ten lucky winners?! Are you following Gummibär’s social media?! Odds are you saw that there was a FLASH FRIDAY FREEBIE GIVEAWAY! Every Friday, we share a Flash Friday Freebie- this week’s freebie was a set of three random Gummibär buttons. Did you […]

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polish nuki nuki hd gummibar i am a gummy bear song gummybear international

Polish “Nuki Nuki HD” Is Now Available on the Gummibär YouTube!

Polish Version of “Nuki Nuki HD” Now Up on YouTube! A month ago, the Gummibär YouTube channel reached 2 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS, so we premiered “Nuki Nuki HD” to celebrate a new milestone! Enjoy another language version of this hit song now! What other languages should Gummibär sing “Nuki Nuki” in? New “Nuki Nuki HD” Polish […]

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patois jamaican gummy bear song i am a gummybeat international gummibar gummybearsong gummi bear around the world international kids childrens music

Tun up! It’s almost the WEEKEND!!!

Tun up! It’s almost the weekend! I LOOOOVE learning new languages!!! What language do you think I sang the newest version of “The Gummy Bear Song HD” in?! Check out the newest mystery language video for Around the World with Gummibär on YouTube: Follow the Gummibär socials:  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram … In honor of the 10th anniversary […]

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world tourism day gummy bear song i am a gummybear international gummibar youtube youtuber animated animation kids childrens cartoon web series music for babies toddlers

World Tourism Day! So happy to be traveling again!

World Tourism Day- what better way to celebrate than to visit a place you’ve never been! Here I am visiting a cave as GREEN as I am! Not only for ‘Around the World with Gummibär’, but for World Tourism Day! Can you guess what country I’m in?! Take a guess in the comments! Watch this […]

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i love learning gummy bear song gummibar i am a gummybear international youtube youtuber gummi bear animated animation kids cartoon web show series funny aww wacky cute adorable meme school pinterest

LEARNING?! I love learning! Learning new languages, that is!

Learning is fun, especially when you’re learning new languages! Which language have you enjoyed learning the most this year while being ‘Around the World with Gummibär’? Watch the latest “The Gummy Bear Song HD” language video below! Language reveal later today: Follow the Gummibär socials:  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram … In honor of the 10th anniversary of “I […]

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not yap wa’ Hol!

not yap wa’ Hol- Couldn’t agree more! Have you figured out what this week’s mystery language is yet? The mystery language reveal is TOMORROW! You have one more day to leave your best guess as to what the mystery language for this week is in the comments section of the video! Watch this week’s mystery […]

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nItebHa' mamI' DaneH'a'? klingon star trek gummy bear song i am a gummybear international gummibar kids cartoon web series music for children animated series animation youtube youtuber

nItebHa’ mamI’ DaneH’a’?

nItebHa’ mamI’ DaneH’a’? It’s Saturday- PARTY TIME! Have you figured out what mysterious language I sang “The Gummy Bear Song” in for Around the World With Gummibär? Just take a random guess at what language it is! Check out what other Gummibär fans have been saying in the comments too! Watch this week’s mystery language […]

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FLASH. FRIDAY. FREEBIE. Did you win a free Gummibär Sticker Set?

Flash Friday Freebie?! Happy Friday Indeed! ANOTHER FLASH FRIDAY FREEBIE HAS COME AND GONE! Did you happen to catch this week’s super surprise giveaway?! This week’s freebie was a free Gummibär sticker set! Keep your eyes peeled for Flash Friday Freebies every Friday. Didn’t strike gold this time?! You need to do THREE THINGS:   […]

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