Choco Choco Choco

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  • Soccership07 16 years ago

    How Do You Buy This Song On ITunes???

  • babyangel142 15 years ago

    iomg does any one have the lyrics to any of his songs but GUMY BEAR originall

  • kjorch 15 years ago

    i need the lyric from the french version..could u help me please

  • lanegra2bubble 14 years ago

    loved it catchy

  • Danabon 14 years ago

    i really want the lyrics i loooooooooooooove this song!!!!

  • Emalzeelya 14 years ago

    yh i want the lyrics tew i only kno the spanish vietion or how ever u spell it… and i dont even have the lyrics to that one so am seartching or how ever u spell it , the web trying to find the lyrics