Gummibär T-Shirts are on the way!

Please help us make sure we order enough. Let us know what size you wear, would order, are interested in, etc. We appreciate your help! Thanks!

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  • m4tr1x35 15 years ago


  • davide07 15 years ago

    great gummibar!!!

  • julian08 15 years ago

    Yay! My son loves GUMMIBAR and he’s less than 10 months old.

  • chegeta 15 years ago

    when my baby was 3 days old i stumbled across the gummy bear, now she is 2 months and he cries if she does not hear it at least once day. she is big fan, i wonder if u will do baby sizes? or even binks?

  • gummydance 15 years ago

    When i went to eastbourne which is in the uk their was a crane game which you could pick up gummy bear plushies!

  • me 15 years ago

    grmmy bear is hot!

  • Rick 15 years ago

    When are they going to be available. I want to order a few for son…