The Gummy Bear Song – Irish!

That’s right! The Gummy Bear Song is now in Irish! ‘as Gaeilge’
Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day!


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  • adibah 14 years ago

    it is so cute.
    i hope i will turn to gummy bear one day!!!

    i love gummy bear because it is so cute.

    so cute!
    so cute!!
    so cute!!!
    so cute!!!!
    so cute!!!!!

  • nabihah 14 years ago

    the gummy bear is so cute!!
    i love the gummy bear color!!!!!
    it is green!
    i like green…..

    the gummy bear is so cute!!!!!!!!!!

  • gummybear95 14 years ago

    gummy gummy gummy gummy bear!

  • pinly 14 years ago

    i like the way he dance it is so cute.

  • Bruno 14 years ago

    nossa esse cara é de mais
    a nova censação do ano

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