Free Talking Gummibär App Now Available For iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Use your finger to touch the screen and see Gummibär’s fun reactions and animation, learn how to play the tuba with your new little friend, listen and dance to Gummibär’s most famous songs, have a ton of fun playing the supergame, and enjoy personalizing and sending funny ecards to all your friends!

What you can do with Talking Gummibär
* He repeats everything you say!
* Watch his amusing animations and reactions to your touch.
* Play the tuba with Gummibär!
* Enjoy his 9 different dances and songs!
* Supergame: Follow the beat and watch the colored hearts!
* Send funny personalized e-Cards to your friends.

Note for users:
Your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad must have a microphone or headset otherwise the “repeat my voice” feature will not work.

Download your free app here.

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  • tech 11 years ago

    You should make android version for it. Some users dont have ipads iphone. Some have,android make one for android users.

  • Rick 11 years ago

    I would like to have this app but not if I have to get an iphone.

  • Rick 11 years ago

    Android user in da house.

  • JK Holmes 11 years ago

    Will you make this available through the Amazon store for the Kindle Fire and other androids?

  • Dora Speck 11 years ago

    I have both an iPad 3 and an iPhone 4! Both work just fantastically! Good job! Keep them apps coming!
    And of course, them android users want one as usual. I’m not an android user, never used them, and I don’t believe I will be using one I looooooove Apple products better! Apple seems more accessible!
    Loooove your App!
    Was playing your game the Souper Game today for the first time on my own!
    Get this though, I”m totally blind.
    Yes, you read this right, I’m totally blind and played that game on my own for the first time and have been getting very high scores!
    In the hard section the highest I’ve reached is somewhere in the 7000s at least! It’s fun! Keep up the hard work!
    Love you Gummibär!

  • Henry Corn 11 years ago

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  • Sidney Torongeau 11 years ago

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  • Marisela Mckelvie 11 years ago

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