Gummibär 200,000 Subscriber Banner

Gummibär YouTube Channel Now Over 200,000 Subscribers!

Gummibär 200,000 Subscriber Banner

Yay! The Gummibär YouTube channel located at now has more than 200,000 subscribers! A big thank you to everyone who has already subscribed. And if you haven’t already subscribed CLICK HERE and subscribe NOW! You’ll get access to all of the new Gummibär videos as soon as they are posted!

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  • tech 11 years ago

    any one wonder who does the voice for gummy bear. Mhm.??????

  • Ashlyn 11 years ago

    It’s Sonja Ball if you watch the yummy gummy search for Santa and read the credits at the end it tells you . I’m happy for you gummibär !

  • Dora Speck 11 years ago

    Yayyyyyyyyyy Gummibär! Yayyyyyyyyayyyyyyyyayyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyhh!
    I’m like excited! Like litterly!

  • tech 11 years ago

    It same person that sings the gummy bear songs.