Bubble Up Single Now Available On iTunes

Gummybear International Inc is proud to announce the release of the Bubble Up single by Gummibär. Currently only available online at iTunes or here at Gummibär’s Official website, the single includes three tracks – the video version of the song, a longer radio edit, and an even longer club mix.

Track Listing

01. Bubble Up (Video Version) Download MP3
[audio:Gummibar – Bubble Up – Video Version.mp3]

02. Bubble Up (Radio Edit) Download MP3
[audio:Gummibar – Bubble Up – Radio Edit.mp3]

03. Bubble Up (Club Mix) Download MP3
[audio:Gummibar – Bubble Up – Club Mix.mp3]

All songs on the Bubble Up single Download All Songs
$2.00 (MP3s in a zipped file)

Bubble Up - Gummibär

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  • Matthew Shell Bassett 12 years ago

    I love this music it makes me want to take a bath to this music so much!!

  • Matthew Shell Bassett 12 years ago

    I love this so much!!