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Have you seen YouTuber Kyraboo and her magical Gummibär Plush Toy!? Oh my GUMMY GOODNESS! YouTuber Kyraboo, from the Channel Kamdenboy & Kyraboo, found a MAGICAL Gummibär Singing Plush Toy that makes you DANCE when it sings “The Gummy Bear Song”! (I mean, who DOESN’T dance when they hear “The Gummy Bear Song!?!?) Kyra and […]

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The Gummy Bear Song played ON GUMMY BEARS!

YouTube User “HotAcid” Plays “The Gummy Bear Song” USING GUMMY BEARS AS INSTRUMENTS! Hey there friend! I just came across the most GUMMIRIFIC video on YouTube! The YouTube channel “HotAcid” used gummy bear candy AS INSTRUMENTS in order to play “The Gummy Bear Song”! Wowzie– I always knew gummy bears were musical, but that sure […]

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Happy Thanksgiving To All Of My Friends!

Today I am thankful for you! Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for watching my videos! Thank you for listening to my music! And thank you for subscribing to my YouTube channel! I hope you are spending your day with all of the people who you are thankful for.

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Indonesian Party

Hello Indonesia!!!

Watch this! Check this out! These are some of my friends in Indonesia! It looks like a great party but I wish someone would have invited ME! Oh well…. maybe next time.

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gummy bear thumbprint cookies food folks and fun gummy bear song gummibar

Gummy Bear Thumbprint Cookies by Food, Folks and Fun!

Gummy Bear Thumbprint Cookies are the perfect treat for the holidays! Here’s how to make Gummy Bear Thumbprint Cookies by Food, Folks and Fun! In need of a new cookie recipe for the holidays?! Every year people love to bake tons of treats for holiday dessert! One super yummy gummy popular cookie that people make […]

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gummy bear plush toy review freya loves toys

Gummy Bear Plush Toy Review and MORE by Freya Loves Toys!

Gummy Bear Plush Toy Review by YouTuber Freya Loves Toys! Hear Freya Loves Toys’ thoughts about NEW Gummibär merchandise in her new Gummy Bear Plush Toy Review! Kids YouTuber Freya Loves Toys recently shared her latest video on her YouTube channel – a Gummy Bear Plush Toy Review! In front of a backdrop of colorful […]

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