gummy bear plush toy review freya loves toys

Gummy Bear Plush Toy Review and MORE by Freya Loves Toys!

Gummy Bear Plush Toy Review by YouTuber Freya Loves Toys!

Hear Freya Loves Toys’ thoughts about NEW Gummibär merchandise in her new Gummy Bear Plush Toy Review!

gummy bear plush toy review freya loves toys

Kids YouTuber Freya Loves Toys recently shared her latest video on her YouTube channel – a Gummy Bear Plush Toy Review!

In front of a backdrop of colorful Gummibär photos, she does an unboxing of the new Singing Gummibär Plush Toy by Posh Paws and reviews all of the neat Gummibär merchandise she received in her package! Her exclusive Gummibär merchandise package included the new plush, a kids t-shirt, a Gummibär Drawstring Bag, a Gummibär USB Flash Drive, a La La Love to Dance CD, Gummibär Small Notepad, and more!

What did Freya think of her new singing plush toy and Gummibär merchandise?! Find out by watching her review!

Watch the Freya Loves Toys review below:

Do you live in the UK? You can purchase the brand new Gummibär plush NOW on Amazon here!


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