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Jello with Gummy Bears! Learn How to Make Now

Jello with Gummy Bears?! If you love both, this recipe is for you!

HEY GUYS!!! GUMMY HERE! Just had to share this super colorful gummy bear jello recipe I found that was posted by Tastemade!

Tastemade is a great site for awesome and easy recipes, usually posted with a how-to video with instructions! Cooking can be so easy!

Gummy Bear Jello is super simple to make! Check out the Tastemade video below and see for yourself:

The jello-recipe calls for gummy bears (of course!) and your choice of Calpis (a Japanese soda) or Sprite!

It simply involves mixing all of the Gummy Bear Jello recipe ingredients together, with the soda of your choice, and putting it in the refrigerator to mold together.

See the full Gummy Bear Jell-o recipe at Tastemade here!

What’s your favorite flavor of jell-o?! Share in the comments below!

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