Gummy Bear Show Mania Celebrates its Two-Year YouTube Channelversary!

Gummy Bear Show Mania Celebrated its Two-Year YouTube Channel Anniversary on July 12th!

Hey there friends!

July 12th was the 2-year Channelversary for the YouTube Channel, Gummy Bear Show Mania! It’s been GUMMIRRIFIC seeing the way Gummy Bear Show Mania makes episodes of Gummibär And Friends even more wild and silly! They do everything from making it look like me, Kala, and Harry are underwater, to making episodes go SUPER DUPER FAST! The channel also take REQUESTS for videos you want to see on their channel—all you have to do is send your request in the form linked in the description box under any of the Gummy Bear Show Mania videos!

To celebrate their 2-year Channelversary, Gummy Bear Show Mania put together a video of the Top 10 Most Watched Songs on the channel, and I really wanted to share it with you! Wondering what songs made the Top 10?! Watch the Channelversary video below!

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