8 Ways to Celebrate Gummy Bear Album Day!

8 Ways to Celebrate Gummy Bear Album Day!

Celebrate Gummy Bear Album Day with me!

Today’s the day– its Gummy Bear Album Day!! I’m so excited to celebrate ALL THINGS GUMMY with you, including the anniversaries of my albums, “I Am Your Gummy Bear” and “The Gummy Bear Album”, both of which came out on November 13th!!

Are you ready to celebrate with me!? Here are 8 ways you can join in on the fun:

  1. Look for ALL of your favorite Gummy Bear Albums in stores on November 13th!

Did you know you can find every one of my albums on ALL of your favorite streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and much more!? Head over to the streaming service you use and find them all!

  1. Have a Gummibär album dance party!

What do you do when you find my albums on your favorite streaming service!? Have a GUMTASTIC dance party of course!!

  1. Wear a GUMAZING outfit!

Wear your favorite Gummibär apparel—whether that’s your #TeamGummy crewneck or “I Am Bear” t-shirt!!

  1. Eat some Gummibär inspired treats!

Gummibar Cookies The Gummy Bear Song

Whether you make Gummibär cookies (The yummy cookies pictured are by @cjscookieco) or make an extravagant Gummy cake, sweet treats are the PERFECT way to celebrate Gummy Bear Album Day!

  1. Draw and share your very own Gummibär fan art!

I LOVE seeing your incredibly creative fan art!!

  1. Enter the “Gummy Bear Album” sticker and CD bundle giveaway!

Did you forget to look for “The Gummy Bear Album” in stores last year!? You’re in luck! The Gummibär Shop is giving away a super special “Gummy Bear Album” CD and sticker bundle to 10 lucky, random winners! Enter the giveaway here!!

  1. Make and share your favorite “Gummy Bear Album” memes!

Make your friends laugh with your favorite “Gummy Bear Album” videos and memes!!

  1. Make a cover version of your favorite Gummibär song!

Do you play the drums!? Tuba!? Gummy bears!? Whatever instrument you play, share a cover of your favorite song from “The Gummy Bear Album”!

How are you celebrating #GummyBearAlbumDay!?! Let me know in the comments below or tag me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok!

Lots of love,


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