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Victor Cruz Loves Gummy Bears!!!


Did you know even football players love gummy bears?! In an interview with NY Mag football star Victor Cruz confessed his love for gummy bears:

How I eat when I’m alone: Gummy bears. They’re kind of secretly stashed all over the house — hopefully no one finds them. Although I saw my daughter one day chewing something and I was like, “What are you eating?” She was like, Nothing. And again I said, “What are you eating?” and she opened her mouth and there were three gummy bears in there. So I guess she found my stash. But gummy bears are definitely my guilty pleasure. Once you have one or two, you got to keep eating them. And then after a while, you get nauseous and have to put them down.

If you’re a fan of Victor Cruz, read the rest of the interview here!!! If Victor Cruz is a fan of gummy bears then I’m a fan of him too!!!

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