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Gummibär’s 10 Best Holiday Gifts for 2016!

Hey everybody!!! Need help finding the perfect gift for that special Gummibär fan in your life?! Or how about someone who loves good music?! OR! A CUDDLY PLUSH TOY! I have a list of gifts that will brighten your loved one’s holiday.

Here are the 10 Best Holiday Gifts for 2016!

1. Gummibär Festive Christmas Pack


The Gummibär Festive Christmas Pack is filled with awesome Gummibär merch! A Gummibär Drawstring Backpack, a Small Gummibär Plush Toy, Party Pop CD, Christmas Jollies CD and Yummy Gummy: Search for Santa DVD! Another awesome perk is that it comes with Gummibär Gift Tags!!! Use the gift tags that come with this bundle to package this huge present up, or each item separately! Purchase at the Gummibär Shop here.

2. Gummibär Singing Plush Toy


This plush is a fan favorite and makes any Gummibär fan happy! Press its belly and it sings! Available at the Gummibär Shop here.

3. Gummibär Christmas Plush Bundle


A combination of Christmas cheer and a cuddly plush toy! Can’t go wrong with this bundle. Available at the Gummibär Shop here!

4. Gummibär Small Singing Plush Toy


While small, this Small Singing Gummibär Plush Toy is super adorable and sings, too! Perfect for small hands! Purchase at the Gummibär Shop here.

5. Gummibär Christmas Stocking Gift Bag Bundle


IT’S BACK!!! The Christmas Stocking Gift Bag Bundle made its debut for the holidays last year and it’s here for 2016 too! It’s super packed with Gummibär goodies, including some CDs, stickers, buttons, a reusable tote bag and a Small Gummibär Plush! ONLY A LIMITED AMOUNT LEFT! Purchase one here!

6. Gummibär Singing Clip-On Keychain


Take “The Gummy Bear Song” with you wherever you go! This cute Gummibär Singing Clip-on Keychain sings “I’m a Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song)” and has a big keyring attached. Purchase at the Gummibär Shop here!

7. Gummibär Stocking Stuffer


Just looking for a small holiday gift to fit right into a stocking? New this year, the Gummibär Christmas Stocking Stuffer is tiny enough to fit into any stocking, but comes with a HUGE handful of Gummibär goodies including tattoos, buttons and stickers! Purchase one here.

8. Gummibär Plush Keychain


Love the Singing Clip-on Keychain but don’t want it to sing?! We have a Gummibär Clip-on Plush Toy that is equally as adorable and keeps you company whether it is attached to your backpack or handbag. Available here!

9. Gummibär Christmas Gift Pack


This holiday gift is perfect for the Gummibär fan that has EVERY plush and is in need of physical copies of Yummy Gummy and Christmas Jollies!!! The Gummibär Christmas Gift Pack Comes with gift tags that you can use for this bundle, or even other presents! Purchase at the Gummibär Shop here.

10. Gummibär Backpack Bundle


 Last but not least, get the Gummibär Backpack Bundle comes with a Yummy Gummy DVD and Christmas Jollies, and all are useful gifts for Christmas and after the holiday season is over! This Gummibär Backpack is super colorful and has spacious compartments. Pick up this bundle here!


Which holiday gift will you give this holiday season?! Or, which one have you already purchased from the Gummibär Shop?! 

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