Around the World with Gummibär: Trascău Mountains!

trascau mountains romania

For this week’s Around the World “Gummy Bear Song” mystery language video, I am in the Trascău Mountains in this week’s secret country!

In the Trascău Mountains, located within the Apuseni mountains, the authentic mountain scenery and the rustic atmosphere harmoniously combine and create an idyllic natural environment perfect for adventure and relaxation. The Trascău Mountains are specific to the villages in the Apuseni. The high regions dominated by smooth hills and rich forests closely follow the low regions, with bright glades and hay stacks. Even if it doesn’t impress with defying heights, the massif charms you with the complexity of its limestone relief, with huge, curvy downward slopes and thatch-roofed houses. The Trascău Mountains reveal incredibly picturesque sceneries, of a bright green in summer and rubiginous in autumn. Along the trails you will not only discover numerous gorges and caves, cold springs and clear pans, but also the simple lifestyle of the moţi, the village people living in the Apuseni mountains, in tune with nature.

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