cool gadgets gummy bear show gummibar and friends compilation the gummy bear song gummybearintl gummybear international kids cartoon animated series

The Best COOL GADGETS on The Gummy Bear Show! New Gummibär And Friends Compilation

ALL the Cool Gadgets featured on Gummibär And Friends in ONE VIDEO!   Remember all the cool gadgets Gummibär and his pals got into wacky hijinks with on The Gummy Bear Show?! Watch “Cool Gadgets” on the official Gummibär YouTube Channel now: This episode compilation features the episodes “Robo Gummy”, “Imaginary Friend” and “Incredible Shrinking […]

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birthday fun the gummy bear show gummibar and friends im a gummy bear i am a gummybear international youtube youtuber kids show cartoon web series animated animation

Birthday Fun with Gummibär And Friends: The Gummy Bear Show!

IT’S PARTY TIME! Get ready for some BIRTHDAY FUN with The Gummy Bear Show! Here’s a special request made by YouTube subscriber Aidan Lane for a fun-filled Gummy Bear Show episode compilation! “Birthday Fun” is available on the official Gummibär YouTube Channel now: This episode compilation features the episodes “Happy Maroon Day”, “Snoring” and “The […]

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happy halloween 2017 i am a gummy bear song gummibar and friends the gummybear show gummybear international animated animation youtube youtuber cartoon kids web series show

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Gummibär And Friends!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from your favorite singing and dancing gummy bear! Enjoy a day of fun spooks and delicious candy! Halloween is here!!! How will you spend the scariest holiday of the year? Enjoy a playlist of ALL Gummibär Halloween videos on YouTube below! Follow the Gummibär socials:  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram … In honor of the 10th anniversary […]

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MONSTER MASH 2017 halloween songs kids music childrens song gummy bear song i am a gummybear gummibar and friends gummybear international animated animation web series

It’s Time to “Monster Mash” with The Gummy Bear Show!

“MONSTER MASH” with The Gummy Bear Show this Halloween! New music video available now It’s time to do the “Monster Mash”! Are you feeling the Halloween spirit?! Ready to party all weekend?! Get super-duper excited for Halloween with a NEW Gummy Bear Show-edition music video for one of the greatest Halloween hits of all time! […]

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surprise egg surprise eggs gummy bear show i am a gummybear gummibar international kids show for children full episodes animated web series animation show

It’s a Surprise Egg Gummy Bear Show Compilation!

Surprise egg, Easter egg- these Gummy Bear Show Episodes are all about EGGS Happy Friday! Another wacky and whimsical episode compilation featuring episodes of Gummibär And Friends: The Gummy Bear Show is now available on the Gummibär YouTube channel!   The three episodes featured in this specially-made episode compilation feature the episodes “Surprise Egg”, “Funny […]

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gummy bear notepad i am a gummybear song gummibar international youtube youtuber stationery school supplies small notebook writing write checklist grocery list

NEW Small Gummibär Notepads for Writing on the Go!

Notepads perfect for jotting down important memos and ideas- and they’re travel size! The Gummibär Shop has new merchandise! These colorful new Gummibär Small Notepads are a great travel-size alternative to the Gummibär Notebook.  These Gummibär Small Notepads fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, with lines spaced wide enough for jotting down important […]

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NEW Mystery Language Video! What Language is Gummibär Singing In?!

A new mystery language video is here, which means… It’s time to guess what mystery language Gummibär sang “The Gummy Bear Song” in for ‘Around the World with Gummibär’! A new mystery language also means a trip to a mystery country this week!!! Wonder where we will be off to next! Watch the new video […]

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the gummy bear song 10th anniversary i am a gummy bear gummibar youtube youtuber animated kids childrens cartoon music web series show

Todays’ the 10th Anniversary of “The Gummy Bear Song”!

“The Gummy Bear Song” original video was posted on THIS VERY DAY, October 9th, TEN YEARS AGO!!! Here’s a look back at the AMAZING things “The Gummy Bear Song” and Gummibär have achieved in ten years ago from today! “I Am A Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song)” single released in 2007 No. 1 on […]

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FLASH FRIDAY FREEBIEEEEEEEEEEEE This week’s Flash Friday Freebie was A SHINY BRAND NEW GUMMIBÄR PRODUCT!!! Did you see? There was a Flash Friday Freebie today! If you’re following the Gummibär socials, you might have caught it in time!!! Every Friday, we share a Flash Friday Freebie- this week’s freebie was a set of four brand […]

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swahili nuki nuki hd i am a gummybear gummy bear song gummibar gummybear international kids childrens cartoon show music songs for kid birthday playlist

Swahili “Nuki Nuki” HD on the Gummibär YouTube NOW!

When the Gummibär YouTube channel reached 2 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS, we had to share something special for Gummibär fans everywhere- soon after we uploaded “Nuki Nuki HD” to the Gummibär YouTube channel!!! Now, you can enjoy another language version of “Nuki Nuki” this Friday!!! New “Nuki Nuki HD” Swahili Version on the Gummibär YouTube now: What […]

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