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Graduation Gift Sets Now Available

It’s hard to believe that your little bär has graduated pre-school or kindergarten and is ready for their next big adventure! Proud of their achievements (big or small) you want to show them that you just couldn’t be any happier for them. Celebrate this major milestone with a Gummibär (The Gummy Bear) Graduation Gift Set! Give […]

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St. Patrick's Day Gift Bundle

Limited Edition 2019 St. Patrick’s Day Fun Bundles Have Arrived!

Limited Edition 2019 Gummibär St. Patrick’s Day Fun Bundles are now available at The Gummibär Shop! They are so cool! They include: A Gummibär St. Patrick’s Day Note Card A 3″ round vinyl Gummibär St. Patrick’s Day Sticker 3 round Gummibär St. Patrick’s Day paper stickers A 2″ round Gummibär St. Patrick’s Day magnet 3 […]

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Gummibär Gif: When your squad’s song comes on

Nothing beats the feeling of being in the car with your friends and your favorite song starts playing!!!! via GIPHY Did you hear I’m going to VidCon?!? Check out my latest announcement here: What’s your favorite thing to do with your squad?! Share in the comments! Follow the Gummibär socials: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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A Quilt Made of Gummy Bears!

Talented Instagram user Jason Reuben made some art out of gummy bears.  It looks like a knitted blanket! How cool! https://www.instagram.com/p/BD19lkFxMSJ/ I have a hard time making art with food because I just eat it all. But you could make something like this with Gummibär Gummy Bears! Buy some bags of gummy bears at the […]

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Comedypods Gummy Bear Eating Challenge Gummibar The Gummy Bear Song I'm a Gummy Bear

How Many Gummy Bears can YOU Eat in ONE MINUTE?!

Here’s a fun food challenge for you: how many gummy bears can you eat in just one minute?! YouTubers Comedypods attempted this themselves, watch below: Try this yourselves (but be careful)!!! Post your attempts to speed-eat gummy bears on the Gummibär Facebook page here! Follow me on Instagram and Twitter!

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