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Gummy Bear Gummibar Play-Doh

How Cool! A Play-Doh Gummibär!

Previously the Gummibär blog shared a play-doh creation, but here’s another one of your favorite singing and dancing gummy bear! Posted on YouTube channel Play-Doh World, here’s their take on play-doh Gummibär: Do you like creating with play-doh?! Post your play-doh Gummibär creations on the Gummibär Facebook page here!

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Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears Recipe

Wanna make some chocolate covered gummy bears?

CHO KA KA O! Bring on the chocolate! Naked gummy bears run for cover! Have you always wanted to make chocolate covered gummy bears but just didn’t know how? Well, now you can have the recipe. The Cheese Thief is going to tell you how. Click here –> Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears Recipe / How […]

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