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The Final 4 Episodes of The Gummy Bear Show Season One, All in ONE Video!

Good news! We’ve made it easier to binge watch the last four episodes in Gummibär And Friends: The Gummy Bear Show Season One by combining them all in one video! Watch this episode compilation now, available on the official Gummibar YouTube channel:   Follow The Gummy Bear Show on social media: Facebook | Twitter | […]

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Throwback Thursday: Our VidCon Gummibär Music Video Booth!

In honor of VidCon 2017, let’s look back at the Gummibär booth we had at VidCon 2016! VidCon 2017 began today! Last year the Gummibär team went out to VidCon and had an awesome time. At the Gummibar VidCon booth, guests could star in their very own Gummibär music video! Each day had a different […]

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Watch Madonna Host a Gummy Bear Song Dance Party!

Even the Queen of Pop loves everyone’s favorite singing and dancing gummy bear Gummibär! Posted a day ago, Madonna shared some videos on Instagram of an after-dinner Gummy Bear Song dance party. Watch parts one and two below: Though a spontaneous dance party, it looks like Madonna and her family are not new to […]

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Watch A New Compilation of Gummy Bear Show Episodes Now on YouTube!

A new compilation of Gummibär And Friends: The Gummy Bear Show episodes is now available on YouTube! Did your favorite Gummy Bear Show episode make the cut? Watch a new episode compilation of The Gummy Bear Show now on YouTube: Follow The Gummy Bear Show on social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Watch Gummibar sing “The […]

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Watch a New SUPER Gummy Bear Show Episode Compilation!

Jump for joy! Another Gummibär And Friends: The Gummy Bear Show episode compilation is available now on the official Gummibär YouTube channel! Watch Episodes 16-20 on YouTube now, including “Yes Gummy”, “Crosswalk Guard”, “Sick Day” and more:  Follow The Gummy Bear Show on social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram  

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Around the World with Gummibär: Dancing House in Czech Republic!

Here I am in front of the Dancing House in Czech Republic for ‘Around the World with Gummibär’! Would you live in this silly-looking house?! Dancing House (Tančící dům in Czech) is located by the Vltava River in Prague, Czech Republic. Its design is unique, and especially striking standing next to the buildings in downtown […]

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Gummibär Pinwheel Kids Birthday Cake!

Here’s a fun and breezy Gummibär Pinwheel Kids Birthday Cake, by Instagram user Sylwia Walkowicz (@slodkiprzepisek)! Instagram user Sylwia Walkowicz (@slodkiprzepisek) is a cake wizard! This kids birthday cake was made for Gummibär fan Marcel’s first birthday party. This cake has such cool details, have a look below! #slodkiprzepisek #cakeoftheday #gummybear #gumimiś #birthdaycake #birthdayparty #bakewithlove […]

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Around the World with Gummibär: Astrid Lindgrens Värld in Sweden!

For my last day in Sweden for Around the World with Gummibär, I’m strolling around Astrid Lindgrens Värld! Which of these tiny storybook houses would you live in? In Astrid Lindgrens Värld in Vimmersby, Sweden, you and your family become part of classic children’s stories by Swedish children’s book author, Astrid Lindgren. Astrid Lindgren has published […]

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Around the World with Gummibär: Białowieża Forest in Poland!

I’m out here in Poland for Around the World with Gummibär at the super mystical and enchanting forest that is Białowieża Forest! Green green everywhereee! The Białowieża Forest World Heritage site, on the border between Poland and Belarus, is an immense range of primary forest including both conifers and broadleaved trees covering a total area […]

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HD German Version of “The Gummy Bear Song” Now Live! Watch “Ich Ben Dein Gummibär”

The HD Long German Version of “The Gummy Bear Song” has arrived! Watch “Ich Bin Dein Gummibär” now on the official Gummibär YouTube channel below: Follow the Gummibär socials: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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