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All Gummy Bear Show Episodes Streaming LIVE!

ALL Gummy Bear Episodes are streaming right now on YouTube! Enjoy a fun marathon with your favorite gummy bear!  Whether you’re enjoying a snow day or looking for something to watch while you relax, every episode of Gummibär And Friends: The Gummy Bear Show is streaming right now! Watch all Gummy Bear Show episodes on […]

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HOLIDAY FUN LIST 2017! What’s on your activity list this holiday season?

Find out what’s on my Holiday Fun List for 2017! What does a gummy bear do every holiday season for fun?! Here are my top 10 activities I like to do for the holidays each year: Bake cookies Decorate your house Send holiday cards Drive around and look at lights Watch holiday movies Drink hot […]

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small business saturday 2017 gummibär shop gift bundles 50% off gummy bear song i am a gummybear international animated animations black friday holiday weekend shopping sales deals discounts christmas hanukkah kwanzaa


This Small Business Saturday 2017, save 50% on gift bundles at the Gummibär Shop! All gift bundles are 50% off with coupon code ‘SMALLBIZ17’! Give whole bundles as a gift, or divide into smaller gifts for multiple Gummibär fans! Gift bundles available while supplies last. This coupon code cannot be combined with other offers, and […]

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thanksgiving 2017 countdown with gummibar the gummy bear song i am a gummy bear

Thanksgiving 2017 Countdown with Gummibär – 3 DAYS!

Hey guys! Thanksgiving 2017 is just 3 DAYS AWAY. Can’t WAIT!!! Share this banner to continue counting down to Thanksgiving 2017 with me!!! When Thanksgiving comes around every year, what tradition do you look forward to most each turkey day with your family?! Share with me in the comments of this post! Follow the Gummibär […]

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birthday fun the gummy bear show gummibar and friends im a gummy bear i am a gummybear international youtube youtuber kids show cartoon web series animated animation

Birthday Fun with Gummibär And Friends: The Gummy Bear Show!

IT’S PARTY TIME! Get ready for some BIRTHDAY FUN with The Gummy Bear Show! Here’s a special request made by YouTube subscriber Aidan Lane for a fun-filled Gummy Bear Show episode compilation! “Birthday Fun” is available on the official Gummibär YouTube Channel now: This episode compilation features the episodes “Happy Maroon Day”, “Snoring” and “The […]

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gummy bear song birthday party

A Colorful Birthday Party Made Possible by Gummibär!

This Gummibär birthday party looks so bright and fun! Check out how Instagram user @mifilodjur used Gummibär party supplies to make her daughter’s birthday party a yummy gummy time: Whether you’re celebrating a birthday party or an important occasion, Gummibär party supplies are the perfect way to add color and fun! Purchase now at The […]

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learn other languages the gummy bear song i am a gummy bear gummibär gummybear international youtube youtuber

How you learn other languages, explained by pie chart!

Lets be real, how you learn other languages BEST is the one in blue… So many Gummibär fans have enjoyed learning new languages with ‘Around the World with Gummibär’! Which languages have you enjoyed learning how to sing in?!? The newest mystery language will be shared TOMORROW!!! What language do you think it is?! Watch […]

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foreign language gummy bear song i am a gummybear international gummibar the gummy bear show gummibär and friends ima gummi bear animated animation kids cartoon childrens web show series

Speaks in a foreign language- OTHER PERSON UNDERSTANDS

Perks of learning how to sing in a foreign language every week! When you speak in a foreign language to someone- and they UNDERSTAND YOU?! Best feeling! The newest mystery language will be revealed TODAY!!! What language do you think it is?! Watch the newest ‘Around the World with Gummibär’ language video on YouTube:   […]

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flash friday freebie button set gummibar the gummy bear song

Did you catch today’s Flash Friday Freebie?!

Another Flash Friday Freebie has come and gone- were you one of the ten lucky winners?! Are you following Gummibär’s social media?! Odds are you saw that there was a FLASH FRIDAY FREEBIE GIVEAWAY! Every Friday, we share a Flash Friday Freebie- this week’s freebie was a set of three random Gummibär buttons. Did you […]

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nItebHa' mamI' DaneH'a'? klingon star trek gummy bear song i am a gummybear international gummibar kids cartoon web series music for children animated series animation youtube youtuber

nItebHa’ mamI’ DaneH’a’?

nItebHa’ mamI’ DaneH’a’? It’s Saturday- PARTY TIME! Have you figured out what mysterious language I sang “The Gummy Bear Song” in for Around the World With Gummibär? Just take a random guess at what language it is! Check out what other Gummibär fans have been saying in the comments too! Watch this week’s mystery language […]

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