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Gummibär Gif: Trying to balance work and play like…

Trying to balance work and play (unless you’re like me and work is fun!!!) PS- Being a good dancer comes in handy when I’m trying to balance a soccer ball on my head! via GIPHY Watch Gummy Bomba: Follow the Gummibär socials: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  

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NEW! Gummibär Sports Stickers You Can COLOR!

There are brand new stickers at the Gummibär Shop unlike you’ve never seen before- stickers you can color in yourself! These Gummibär stickers are sports-themed and come in black and white so that you can color them however way you want to. Use whatever coloring utensil you’d like on these stickers, whether it be crayons […]

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For my fans who love SOCCER- “Go for the Goal” by Gummibär in FRENCH

Are you a big soccer fan?! Start your week with “Go Champion (‘Go for the Goal’ in French)”! Do you like sports?! Which one is your favorite?! Share in the comments! Follow the Gummibär socials! Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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Download a Free Printable Gummibär November Coloring Page

Get out there and score a goal! Let’s play some hockey! Get a free Gummibär coloring page! Just complete the form below to download.

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