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Watch a New SUPER Gummy Bear Show Episode Compilation!

Jump for joy! Another Gummibär And Friends: The Gummy Bear Show episode compilation is available now on the official Gummibär YouTube channel! Watch Episodes 16-20 on YouTube now, including “Yes Gummy”, “Crosswalk Guard”, “Sick Day” and more:  Follow The Gummy Bear Show on social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram  

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Happy Red Nose Day 2017! Learn more about Red Nose Day

You may be asking yourself, why I am I wearing a red clown nose?! Today, Thursday, May 25th 2017, is Red Nose Day! Through the power of the music and entertainment industry, Red Nose Day raises awareness and money to help the kids who need us most, both at home and around the world. The […]

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Around the World with Gummibär: Bahá’í Gardens in Israel

Our last stop in Israel for the Around the World with Gummibär Hebrew version of “The Gummy Bear Song” is the beautiful Bahá’í Gardens! With over half a million visitors a year, the Bahá’í Gardens in Haifa and ‘Akko, Israel are among the most popular sites in the Middle East. These gardens, located in the […]

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Around the World with Gummibär: Dolphin Reef in Israel!

GOLO GOLO! Watching dolphins swim today!!! Being in Israel for Around the World with Gummibär has been so FANTASTIC! This is me at Dolphin Reef! The Dolphin Reef in Eilat, on the shores of the Red Sea, offers a magical and unique opportunity to observe and swim alongside some of nature’s most magnificent sea creatures- dolphins! […]

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Around the World with Gummibär: The Sea of Galilee

Aaaaah, the sea is so beautiful! For the Hebrew version of “The Gummy Bear Song”– and Around the World with Gummibär- I’m in Israel this week! This sea in particular is the Sea of Galilee! The Sea of Galilee is Israel’s largest freshwater lake! The sea is about 13 miles long and 7 miles wide, […]

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Wieliczka salt mine poland polish language video gummy bear song gummy mis ja jestem gummybear gummibar youtube youtuber character

Around the World with Gummibär: Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland!

What are some other cool spots to sight-see in Poland?! Answer: AN UNDERGROUND MINE! The Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland, that is! WOWZIE WOOZIE! The Wieliczka Salt Mine is a prized historic landmark in Krakow, Poland, and an esteemed cultural center. Each year, it brings in more than one million tourists from all over the globe. It […]

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YouTube Kids App Shares Birthday Playlist Curated by Gummibär!

Today is the YouTube Kids App’s 2nd birthday! To commemorate the special occasion, YouTube Kids invited Gummibär to curate a playlist in celebration of YouTube Kids’ success! The playlist includes hit Gummibär songs “The Gummy Bear Song”, “I Want Candy”, “Happy Birthday”, “Mr. Mister Gummibar” and “Bubble Up” as well as other feel-good party music such […]

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Around the World with Gummibär: How AWESOME is The Louvre in Paris, France?!

On my last stop in France for Around the World with Gummibär, here is The Louvre museum! I have always wondered what this pyramid building in Paris was, so cool to see it in person!!! The Louvre is the world’s largest museum and houses one of the most impressive art collections in history. The magnificent, […]

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Go Camping with Gummibär and Friends! New Gummy Bear Show Episode

Gummy and the gang step outside their house for a grand camping adventure! Watch them get themselves into all sorts of camping mishaps on the brand new episode of The Gummy Bear Show, on YouTube now. Watch below: Follow The Gummy Bear Show on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram  

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First Gummy Bear Show Episode of 2017! Watch “Super Gummy”

What better way to ring in 2017 than with the first Gummy Bear Show episode of the year?! In episode 21, Gummy finds out what it’s like to be a superhero in this new episode of Gummibär and Friends. Watch on YouTube now:

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