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Who are the Newest Characters on The Gummy Bear Show?!

You may have caught the most recent episode of The Gummy Bear Show and wondered “who are those two new characters?!” Granny Peters Granny Peters is Gummibär’s next door neighbor! Though she seems just like any other neighbor, she is actually a mad scientist who invents crazy gadgets! In “Hamster in the House”, she creates […]

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The Gummy Bear Show is NOW on YouTube!

The first episode of Gummibär and Friends: The Gummy Bear Show has premiered on the Gummibär YouTube channel! The exciting first episode of the series, “Spooktacular”, finds Gummibär and friends chasing after a spooky monster! Find out what happens on this week’s episode: Tell us what you think of this first episode in the comments! […]

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