Enter the Third Annual Gummibär Halloween Costume Giveaway!

IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN! The Third Annual Gummibär Halloween Costume Giveaway has begun. We are giving ONE LUCKY RANDOM WINNER an awesome prize package with a Gummibär Costume and MORE!


This years Costume Giveaway prize package includes:

  • Gummibär Costume
  • 2 Bags of Gummibär Candy
  • Gummibär Halloween Surprise Pack

Here’s how to enter:
1. Be a subscriber to the Gummibär newsletter. If you’re not already a subscriber, you can do that here –http://www.thegummybear.com/newsletter

2. Post a comment below this post that answers the question -> What kind of monster spooks you the most? (Make sure you leave a comment using the same email address that you are subscribed to the newsletter with).

The Third Annual Gummibär Halloween Costume Giveaway ends at 2:00 pm Eastern Time on Friday, September 30th.

One lucky random winner will be chosen within 2 business days of the end of the giveaway and notified via email. The prize package will be shipped out to the winner within 2 business days of receiving their shipping address.

Good luck!


  • Michelle 5 years ago

    Werewolf so scary especially at night

  • deanna 5 years ago

    I am scared of spiders. Do those count as monsters? I do NOT like them.

  • Amanda Saltsman 5 years ago

    Clowns creeps me out

  • Darlene Beringo 5 years ago

    Huge, ugly, hairy spiders! They top my list of scary things!

  • Beth W. 5 years ago

    CLOWNS! they’ve always freaked me out =(

  • Angela S 5 years ago

    I don’t like zombies!

  • Kimberly M 5 years ago

    The kind of monster that scares me is anything that has to do with evil like the devil.

  • Kaysha 5 years ago

    Toads and frogs

  • Barbara S 5 years ago

    Zombies freak me out

  • Jeff Rothrock 5 years ago


  • Tina 5 years ago


  • Kaylin Bruce 5 years ago

    Zombies spook me the most.

  • BRANDY GOODLOE 5 years ago

    Zombies! Especially if they have a chainsaw!

  • Amy L. 5 years ago

    I do not like the idea of zombies.

  • Maria Gentry 5 years ago


  • Jenny Scheldberg 5 years ago

    Bats scare the bejesus out of me.

  • Ty MacFadyen 5 years ago

    Nothing really.

  • Kathleen Dudley 5 years ago


  • Danielle Walker 5 years ago

    huge spiders

  • Amy Grandjean 5 years ago

    Huge insects!

  • Kristy Wolfgang 5 years ago


  • shanahb 5 years ago


  • Sherry Lilly 5 years ago


  • Jamie Martin 5 years ago


  • Jennifer Stayman 5 years ago


  • Melissa C 5 years ago

    I’d say clowns

  • Maureen Ruble 5 years ago

    I am spooked by Frankenstein’s monster…..

  • Humna 5 years ago

    I am spooked and scared by every monster!

  • Rania R 5 years ago

    Vampires scare me the most !!

  • jenny 5 years ago


  • Jonnie 5 years ago

    Ghosts scare me the most

  • Ashley B. 5 years ago

    Already a subscriber! The scariest monster ever are GHOSTS!!

    Hope I win because I have two little boys who listen to the Gummibar song every day, love to dance to it and have a collection of costumes – not one that is Gummibar though!! Thanks for the shot

  • Beatrice 5 years ago

    The Great Pumpkin!

  • Will 5 years ago


  • Ryan 5 years ago


  • megan tilley 5 years ago

    Zombie freak me out the most!

  • Robyn Bellefleur 5 years ago

    I am afraid of The Werewolf.

  • stephanie scales campbell 5 years ago


  • Krista Gould 5 years ago

    Zombies scare me the most

  • Fiona 5 years ago

    My 5 year old said he is scared of witches. He’s a huge fan

  • Brandi 5 years ago

    I’m good with monsters but snakes?! Nah I’m out!

  • Jessica 5 years ago

    Clowns scare me the most

  • Yvonne Delgado 5 years ago

    scary clowns or zombies

  • Shell 5 years ago

    Zombies… They are extremely creepy, smell horrible and make eerie sounds..

  • Raina DelRio 5 years ago

    Michael Myers scares me the most.

  • Elizabeth H. 5 years ago

    Vampires scare me the most.

  • Nancy Loring 5 years ago

    I don”t like monsters that jump out at me. I also don”t like hairy monster that are trying to kill me.

  • Sarah 5 years ago

    I am creeped out by possession.

  • kelley powers 5 years ago

    If spiders are considered monsters, then spiders scare me the most!!!!

  • LeAnn Harbert 5 years ago

    I don’t like vampires

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