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French Version of “Nuki Nuki HD” is Here for the Weekend!

French version of “Nuki Nuki HD” kicks off a new series of language videos! In celebration of 2 million subscribers on the Gummibär YouTube channel, we recently released the new “Nuki Nuki HD” video! We now bring you the FIRST official language video for “Nuki Nuki HD”- it’s in French! Watch the “Nuki Nuki HD” […]

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Gummibär’s Top 10 Halloween Safety Tips!

For my last Halloween-themed blog of the month, I wanted to write about something SUPER important to help you out for that night we’ve been waiting for aaaaaall month! Be safe on Halloween! Here are MY top 10 safety tips to keep you safe on Halloween as you go door-to-door trick or treating! 1. Wear […]

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Happy 25th Birthday to the Internet!!!

Today is the internet’s 25th birthday! On August 23, 1991, Sir Tim Berners-Lee opened the world wide web to the public for the first time. Can you imagine where we would be without the internet today?! What technology can’t you live without?! Share in the comments! Follow the Gummibär socials: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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Gummibär Gif: Donut Glasses?!

Would you wear a pair of glasses made of donuts?! Or Glasses that LOOK like donuts? Either way, sounds like a pretty cool pair of glasses to have. At least to me, Gummibär, who loves food 24/7. New episode on Friday at 11 am EST/8 am PST! Follow The Gummy Bear Show on social media: Facebook, […]

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