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Gummibär’s Top 10 Halloween Safety Tips!

For my last Halloween-themed blog of the month, I wanted to write about something SUPER important to help you out for that night we’ve been waiting for aaaaaall month! Be safe on Halloween! Here are MY top 10 safety tips to keep you safe on Halloween as you go door-to-door trick or treating!

1. Wear a bright costume or reflective gear!

You don’t want to get snatched up by a monster or dangerously hurt! Make sure you can be seen in dark places! Wear a costume that has vibrant colors, reflective gear or use a flashlight at ALL TIMES!

2. Agree on a route in a safe neighborhood or two!

Having a plan ensures a safe night of trick-or-treating! Choose a route to follow and stick to it. This makes it less likely for you or anyone you’re with to stray too far!

3. Trick or treat with a big group- and accompanied by parents if you’re under 13!

Trick or treat with your family and/or close friends! Travelling and staying with a group ensures everyone’s safety, instead of travelling alone or in small numbers!

4. Stay on well-lit streets

Don’t travel down a street if you can’t see what’s ahead of you! Stick to roads that are SUPER bright and well lit, so that you can see around you and watch out for any potential danger!

5. Look both ways before crossing for oncoming traffic!

6. ONLY trick or treat at houses with a front porch light on!

A house with lights on, especially a front porch light on, means they are prepared for trick-or-treaters to stop by! Dark houses are probably not welcoming trick-or-treaters, and they might be dangerous to walk up to. It is best to avoid houses with no lights on!

7. Keep your eyes uncovered!

Try to not wear a mask even if it have eyeholes, and consider face make-up instead! If you MUST wear a mask, make sure the eyeholes are wide enough for you to see! IT IS SO IMPORTANT THAT YOU CAN SEE WHEN IT’S DARK AND SPOOKY AT NIGHT!

8. Carry a cellphone with you in case of an emergency

Make sure everyone with you remembers to dial 9-1-1 in emergency situations! If you don’t have a cellphone, make sure you stay with an adult or responsible guardian.

9.  Be sure to wear a costume that won’t trip your feet!

And be aware of decorations at houses strewn across walkways!

10. Be sure to check your candy before you eat it!

If you have allergies or sense that your candy has been opened already, have an adult or someone you trust go through your candy to make sure it’s not poisoned or something that could harm you!!!


Be safe, and have a happy Halloween everybody! What are your trick or treating plans?!

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