Gummibär Halloween Pumpkins!

Gummibär here to share some AWESOME Halloween creations! As Halloween draws closer, fans have been sending in their awesome Gummibär pumpkins! Here are three ways you can creatively decorate your pumpkins for Halloween!

You can be SUPER wacky with your creation and glue a face onto your pumpkin! Here’s one that a fan did- they painted the whole pumpkin green, and they used foam for the ears, eyes, eyebrows and mouth:


What about painting your pumpkin?! Here’s a Halloween Gummibär pumpkin where a fan painted


Have you ever tried carving a pumpkin with my face before?! A fan sent the photo below in using our Gummibär Jack-o-lantern Stencil:


You can get SO CREATIVE with your Halloween pumpkins in so many different ways! Send me pictures of your decorated pumpkins, and if they’re Gummibär pumpkins I will share them on my social media!!!

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