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VidCon Tips with Gummibär: Explore the Convention Hall!

I’m keeping the Vidcon tips and tricks coming this week with some more important advice for you! Today’s VidCon tip is… Explore the Convention Hall! VidCon is HUGE. You’re going to want to get to know where everything is at VidCon- the panels, booths, attractions, especially bathrooms! What day of VidCon will you be starring […]

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VidCon Tips with Gummibär: Wear Comfy Sneakers!

Ah, only SIX days until VidCon!!! Who is excited?! I’ve been diligently posting VidCon tips and tricks on my blog leading up to VidCon, to make sure you get the most out of your VidCon experience! Today’s VidCon tip is… Wear comfy sneakers! VidCon is both a lot of standing and walking, so you’re going to want […]

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