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VidCon Tips with Gummibär: MAKE NEW FRIENDS!!!

vidcon tips and tricks 2016 gummibar gummybear gummy bear song



As the first day of VidCon nears by the hour, I wanted to share one last VidCon tip with you all to ensure that your VidCon experience is the most amazing it can be! And that VidCon tip is…

Make new friends!

vidcon 2016 youtube youtuber gummy bear song gummibar gummybear

The absolute best thing you can do while at VidCon is make new friends. Whether you are going alone or with a buddy, meeting new people at VidCon is the absolute best! Talk about your fave creators or what panels you’re looking forward to.  You never know who you will meet at VidCon!

Making new friends means new subsribers for your channel and new people to hang out with at next year’s VidCon!

Ahhh I can’t believe tomorrow is the big day!!! My team and I are so excited to give YOU the opportunity to star in an animated music video with me! Don’t forget- stop by booth #1323!

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